Saturday, May 21, 2011

screen rotation

A not so impressive part of the device.

There is a switch to lock the rotation and presumably to unlock it, but it seems to me that every time I unlock it the rotation stays where it was locked. It appears to work ok if you have it unlocked, power down and power up and do NOT lock it.

The other thing that is screwey is that when you power up the device and its sitting nicely in its keyboard it comes up and you may get an icon pop up that indicates that the rotation lock is on or off, why it pops up is beyond me, if its in its cradle and its the right way up why would anyone care what the lock says. Rotate it and you might want to know that its locked and the screen can't be rotated but otherwise it should not throw up un-needed notifications.

I also get the rotation icon displayed when I remove the tablet from the keyboard. So it detects that movement is happening but then the rotation is NOT adjusted.


  1. this may seem like a really dumb question but how do you get the screen to rotate when you move it from portrait to landscape and vice versa?

    i can see the scrlk key on the onscreen keyboard and i've got it unlocked but it still doesn't rotate.


  2. never mind, just saw the switch next to the keyboard mounting point. i just had to open my eyes.